Story of Hollyflower

Digitalization Got a Global Platform and Overseas Clientele.

“My dreams were big and determination strong.

Little did I know that my dreams and determination were going to be tested by fate.”

Says, G.M. Lavri, owner of Holly flower, during chit-chat session, when he recalls his journey from 2014.


Started, with taking a small loan from his father, to start his business at the textile hub, Surat.


With a very small budget and no past experience, about the textile industry and how it operates, he started to work as a machine operator, salesperson, deliveryman; secretary – a one man army! To get depth knowledge of the market.


Soon, his hard work got recognition in the textile market for, supplying high quality of digital printing with polished fabric and excellent customer service.


The Idea of Customize Digital Printing


One day, while discussing with his wife, he triggered the idea of customizing digital printing on fabric; where you can submit or select your own design, fabric material and size or dimension of fabric, on which design to be printed.


By now, Mr G.M Lavri had established his business in the cloth market by supplying digital fabrics to, wholesalers, fabric suppliers at various textile market in India.


Mr Lavri, don’t want to limit himself with Indian Market, so he started to research and concluded with the fact of, potential buyers at overseas.


Also, was aware that the best and cheap way to reach out to overseas clients, was through a digital medium.


In 2016, he upgraded himself by Digital Marketing course designed for

small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs.


After, this Digital Transformation, Holly flower, benefited with international projects and is having international customers in their clientele list.


Holly flower had discovered, the best use of  Digital Marketing hacks, in a tactical way,  that would attract more visitors to a website, with a more client flow.


Therefore, in this post, we will share, a case study of Holly flower, Digital strategies and how it helps to target Indian, as well as overseas market.

Here we go!

Content Marketing Strategy

Crafting a Perfect Call-to-Action Copy and Button

Knowing to the fact, that ‘visitors who don’t click don’t convert’ and, without those clicks on call-to-action buttons, they’re not going to get subscribers, orders or attendees for events.


call to action button was the gateway to business growth and increasing conversions on a web page.


Developed CTA Button by using Right Hacks ie., tactical steps that lead to growth.

1) Direct and actionable language–Use of action words that compel or motivates, visitors to do what they want them to.

Example: ‘Get Started’ button on CTA copy will  make people:

  • feel optimistic and ready for action.

  • It’s simple, short and strong.

  • easy and understandable Clickable Button.

  • send Positive emotion to the user


2) Unique CTA Copy– created CTA copy, with attractive content design and more & more powerful as well as compelling words.

Example: ‘Never Miss Any Update….!

‘Let’s Become Friends’

3) Clickable Call to Action Button


Developed a CTA Buttons, that makes visitors believe in it and prompt to click, by having one or more of these features:


  • Clean and contrasting background to the text color

  • A distinct button text (e.g., “Get Started”)

  • Rectangular shape

  • Complementary border

  • Develop a sense of urgency

4) Place CTA button in the strongest position with visitor recording

Holly flower had placed a Call-to-Action copy, in the web page below, you’ll notice that the visitor ended their search or navigation below, this is where the visitor “rests,” and that means they’ll be more willing to click an action button.

Creating systematic and quality blog posts, on regular basis, gets SEO ranking

They have come to understand, a well-planned and informative blog post could go viral and drive thousands of referral visitors to business a website.

Dominating the digital media landscape with amazing videos content

To get a marketing campaign to be successful, Holly flower got involved in video marketing, which is a guaranteed way to ensure that maximizing your outreach potential.

Let’s, get to the insights of steps, followed by Holly flower to create amazing videos.

  1. Make a plan

  2. Go with what they know  (i.e Educational video,  Entertainment video, etc)

  3. Start creating

  4. Search Matter  - use SEO tricks to make video optimize for search

  5. Team up with influencers

Regular Traffic Data Analysis.

Traffic data is a great way to take an opinion of your website and marketing initiatives.


Holly flower, make sure to look at traffic numbers at regular intervals, to track results and correlate these efforts to actual ROI.

Organic Traffic Driven by SEO


With the better use of competitive keywords, results into more organic traffic on the website.

To, see a steady increase in organic search traffic and improved positioning in the search results, as a marketer, Holly flower, consistently creates a website content, that is optimized for search.

Focus on Local Online Presence.

Holly flower had managed to grab a significant amount of traffic, involved in making fabric or digital printing searches, with a local SEO optimization strategy, forgetting and converting leads into sales.

Concluding Case study with a short note from Mr. G.M. Lavri

“Learning Digital Marketing helped me to expand my business over digital platforms”



Creating an effective call-to-action takes creativity, time, practice and research.

Keep in mind that it needs to be simple and compelling so that users can easily understand your message and take action.

Furthermore, regular monitoring of Data Traffic helps to track the performance of marketing efforts.

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