Story of Yash Katariya

Indu Valley: ETC Digital Marketing provides a right career path and dream job.

YashKatariya, BBA graduate who did an internship at Endeavor Careers Pvt Ltd before joining Digital Marketing training at ETC Academy.



In chit-chat session, he shares why he decided to choose digital marketing as a career and how ETC digital marketing training helps him.


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After College, Yash was working as a Marketing intern at Endeavor Career in 2017. During the internship, he learned a lot about social media marketing. He now wanted to explore more fields that come under digital marketing umbrella and thus decided to pursue a digital marketing course.


One of the major reasons for choosing ETC Digital Marketing was an affordable fee and the course's content structure. It was just the right amount and way lesser than other institutes despite having the same course structure. 


Also, the location of the institute was suitable and also considered reviews posted on Google before choosing ETC as a digital marketing training institute


Apart, from practical training ETC also offers internship opportunities to their students, and if required these trainees are recruited to work at ETC Digital Agency.


After completing his training Yash, worked as an Intern and got success in his first project of Indu valley, a firm specializes in shifting services.


Indu Valley, who were looking for ways to make a connection and build a relationship with their visitors, because they know that those connections increase the number of loyal customers in the future.



Impress by his sincere attitude and result oriented work, he got a job offer and selected to work as a Digital Marketing Executive at ETC Digital Agency.



Let’s have a look, at the insights of strategies implemented for designing a professional website for Induvalley Packers& Movers.



‘Customer Centric’ Website That Generates Prospects & Clients


Website is the gateway to your business through which you get more customers! You never know who is viewing your business where on which device.


Don’t give a bad impression to anyone even in the worst case. Get your website compatible for all devices!



Indu Valley website serves as that “home base” website which provides the information visitors seek, with the type of services offered. Information is presented in an interesting, organised fashion.

Website ensures to be effective and delivers true value by considering below points, during design and development stage.


  1. Clear Navigation.

  2. Conversational English.

  3. Avoid industry jargon.

  4. Provide all the relevant information.

  5. Homepage a to-the-point summary.

  6. Use of pictures & videos,helps to tell a story.

  7. Use of straightforward layout.

  8. Make it easy for visitors to contact you.

  9. All device compatible

‘More than 90 percent of consumers access video content on the web.’


People browsing the Internet have a short attention span, and videos allow visitors to consume more content, faster.


Use of Animated Explainer interactive videos and visual content, that visitor get more engage.

Google Consider Longer Page Stay


Indu Valley, website not only helps business to a create a compelling experience around their brand, but its video with good SEO keeps visitors on site longer, which is an important factor for page ranks in search results.




Besides, Digital marketing is one of the TOP 5 Industries of the world, reasons to join this industry is endless.

 Companies need skilled marketers and you can be the one, so enroll yourself right now with ETC Digital Marketing Course.

Learn digital marketing and start supporting your career being the part of the most demanding industry of 2019.

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