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 Digital Marketing  Empowering Woman’s to Grow.

“Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife”, is what exactly goes with young couples Mr. & Mrs. Patel, who are life and business partners of Soft Edge Furniture House.

Mr. Patel, who is engaged with manufacturing activities of his furniture business, and her wife Sejal heads, Sales and Marketing activities.


Though their business was doing quite well, to be in a race, they decided to implement Digital Strategies along with traditional marketing.


Sejal took a smart step to skilled up herself with Digital Marketing course from ETC Academy.


Keeping work-life balance, within a few months, she surprises with signs of growth, by an increase in sales and inquiries calls for furniture.


Let’s see, how she found ways to Market her product, with Digital Media, which play a key role in the company’s strategic and growth plan.

Creating Youtube Videos

Just about every type of business can benefit from this channel, Sejalcreated  YouTube videos, which are easy to search for by keywords—both on YouTube itself and through Google, its parent company.

To reach a niche audience, she created an informative and video with related content of the Furniture Industry.

Includes Calls to Action

Soft Edge makes sure that video description includes a link to the company website, blog, or landing page and contact Information.

Some other calls to action: asking to rate video, subscribe channel, and Social Media links.

Encourage viewers to share videos

Successful Marketing through Facebook

Soft Edge understands Facebook’s unique opportunities, to market products successfully by, setting clear goal and strategy in ways:

Ruining Facebook Ad’s


Promoting Facebook Page


Using Videos and Pictures


Posting Regularly


Encourage comments and reply quickly


Using Facebook Insights to learn about customers

Local SEO service helps to attract new customers

Claiming Google My Business listing, was a key step towards, a furniture business display on important Google services.

Design Fast, Flexible and Focused Website – Growth Driven

Sejal knows well that, a business website is often the first place a new prospect interacts with your brand.


Sejal designed a business website, which is Fast, Flexible and Focused; and tells visitors who they are and what they can do.


After becoming professionally trained in Digital marketing, you can help your partners or husbands in their own business.


‘At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask how you do it.’ This can be justify by adding more skills of digitization.

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