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Facebook: The most common and familiar name on everybody’s mouth. The social platform lets people get connected with each other easily. Well, the obvious phenomenon would be such as, if making contacts would be this easy, why not to grow the business even more easily?


Taking same into consideration, many have started taking their business online via Facebook. They got really impressive results. As time passes, the marketing campaign has launched and people tend to use all such tools. Get analytics to see how precise it could be has made it even more versatile.

Let's start it from the scratch. Facebook - the social platform basically keeps you connected with the close ones. These connection could also be professional ones. Getting in constant direct connection is concerned with relationship building. Such could be with existing as well as the potential client for a firm. Making relation is always been a great marketing fundament for any campaign.


Facebook marketing strategy has changed the marketing fundaments to the next level in India. Facebook makes marketing easier and promotion effective.


So, it has made the facebook trend over the companies in India. Now, many will come across saying that we can make your facebook page a hit one. But, what are the things that you must have on your facebook page? What are the strategy to follow for getting not all the traffic but the right traffic on your page?

First of all, quality will always rule over the quantity. If you're getting tons of likes, it will look good but won’t help you get business from that likes. Facebook seems effective when you can generate engagement on post. Engagement includes the participation of your audience. Only right type of audience will generate engagement over your page. Such engagement shows the interest of the audience.


Facebook marketing’s effectiveness 50% depends on the target audience. 40% on strategy and remaining 10% on analytics. What an expert does? We plan strategy first to attract the potential client as per their interest area all over the India. Once, the attraction has developed, there comes targeting. Targeting audience is as important as making a strategy. The right type of audience can help us reach right type of the lead we are expecting from our audience. We would go for the related and familiar content our targeted audience might like or get engaged. After it has posted, we can get to see the analytics. We can have full details containing page likes, people engaged, post share, post tag, peak time when the audience is highly activated. Anything and everything you need to know about your targeted audience are here.

How we work is, make you connect with the potential customer. Who’s not only interested in but also willing to get the product or service you offer from across the India. Such attracted people are easy to get converted in the potential client.

Do the type of marketing that influences the client. It should be customer-centric. You should drive them to get converted when they are actually looking for the service you offer. Other than that, if you keep spamming them, you’re likely to lose the existing clients as well.

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