Before we get started, let’s take a look at some figures and statistics of Facebook:

  1. There are more than two billion active monthly users on Facebook, with an increase of 17% over last year.

  2. There are more than 1.2 billion active mobile users, with an increase of 23% over last year.

  3. There are more than 1.3 billion users who log in Facebook on daily basis, with 17% increase over last year.

  4. People of age between 25 to 34 are the most common age demographics, average total of 30% users on Facebook.

  5. Five new users join Facebook every second.

  6. Engagement is 18% higher on Thursday and Fridays.

  7. There are more than 300 million photos uploaded on Facebook per day.

  8. 20 minutes is the average time spent by users on Facebook per visit.

  9. More than 1.3 lakh photos, 5.1 lakh comments and 2.9 lakhs status are updated every 60 seconds.

  10. More than 50% users of age between 18 to 24 log into Facebook when they wake up.

  11. More than 42% marketers accept that being on Facebook is very much important for their business.

So, the numbers speaks for itself.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is not just a social networking website where friends connect and share stuffs online. Facebook has grown itself as a reliable platform for businesses to promote their products and services through various tools. Whether you are running a global business or a small local business, being active on Facebook is must for all types of businesses. In fact, Facebook is a powerful and productive marketing tool that provides you a platform to keep your customers updated with your activities, broaden your potential customers reach and create brand awareness.

We know, Facebook is huge and we cannot ignore its importance in business promotion. Every business needs to be present on Facebook, without Facebook the business is a blatant decision. A lot of things have changed since Facebook introduced Facebook marketing to the world. Today, the biggest social media network of the world can do lot of things that many of us would never had imagined. From hosting and publishing 360 degree videos or to sell products or go live for latest events and news updates, Facebook is here for you.

MySpace was a big name and also a sole dominator in early years of social networking. By the year 2006, MySpace had more than 100 million users and it was the most visited website than Google also, then the Facebook took its step to become a social networking website and by the year 2008, it surpassed MySpace in terms of users. By the end of 2012, users on MySpace dropped to 25 million and users on Facebook kept increasing day by day. Presently, Facebook is the most visited website after Google on the internet that will definitely help companies and organizations to grab potential customers.

Facebook has three main tools that can be used by anyone - Pages, Ads and Groups. All these tools have their own respective functions and options that can be customized and combined for better reach to our targeted audiences.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are lot similar to individual profile pages, but it’s used for businesses, companies and organizations who want to gain potential customers that can generate them sales leads. When users like a Facebook page, they automatically qualify to receive occasional updates from pages in their news feed.

A Facebook page can be a great marketing tool for businesses that provides them opportunity to create brand awareness by letting them post their products and service. A Facebook page owner can share links, images and posts that showcase the identity of a business. Be sure to share only posts that your potential audiences want to see. You can share anything connected to your business and what you think can attract your audiences.

Creating and publishing us a Facebook page is the first step to mark your presence on Facebook. You would need a Facebook business page before you can start a Facebook Ad Campaign, you cannot run ads in Facebook without owing a business page.

Before you can start a Facebook ad campaign, be sure to fill out the "About" section of your page properly with relevant content, fill your description with searchable information displaying proper overview about your business and what your business is offering, select category of your page thoughtfully and don’t forget to link your website with the business page.

One of the main benefits of running Facebook ad to increase "Likes" is that once a user likes your Facebook business page, they immediately become a genuine and loyal follower of your business page, this increases the chance of your posts appearing on their news feed frequently.

Implementing Facebook advertising into your Facebook marketing strategy is an effective technique to increase likes or generate website clicks. Facebook Ads are similar to other traditional and digital marketing channels. Basically a Facebook ad is a content that you want to share with your potential targeted audiences. Facebook does provide an amazing marketing and advertising platform in which you can create ads targeted on specific location, age, gender, interests based on likes and dislikes and also you can choose audiences using specific devices or browsers and that also in your desired budget.

There are many types of ads that you can run on Facebook, some of the important ad types are as follows:

  1. Boost your posts

  2. Promote your page

  3. Send people to your website

  4. Increase conversion on your website

  5. Get installs of your app

  6. Increase engagement in your app

  7. Reach people near your business

  8. Raise attendance at your event

  9. Get people to claim your offer

  10. Get video views

  11. Collect leads for your business

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are same as discussion forums but having different features and functions. You can create groups related to your business and increase reach towards your potential customers. The logic is simple, the more viewers you have for your post, more brand awareness you will get. There are many activities that you can utilize in Facebook group like posting your deals and offers, running contests, hosting an event, post products for sale and much more.

Facebook group can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. You can customize the group as per your requirement for betterment of your business. You can create group to gain fan followers for your brand, you can share your company's information and details, showcase your products, create an event or seminar for your potential customers and much more. Facebook group gives strength to the relationship between the business and customer.

Facebook tools are a great help to digital marketers and for businesses who wants to cater healthy relationship with their customers.

Facebook being the most visited social media platform also helps in promotion and marketing opportunities for your business. By hiring ETC-The Best Facebook Marketing and Advertising Agency in India for Facebook marketing services, you can generate leads for your business that can be converted into your potential customers and increase profit and revenue for your business.

ETC-Expert Facebook Marketing Agency in India has team of well-trained and experienced staff in service of its clients to utilize and take benefit of advertising tools offered by most visited social media networking website on the internet. We focus on connecting with new clients, increase their brand awareness and provide them an ideal platform to increase revenue for their businesses.

ETC-Facebook Marketing Agency in India offers result-oriented Facebook marketing services working on below strategies:

  1. Facebook business page setup for all types of businesses.

  2. Business page optimization.

  3. Content creation

  4. Regular posts that includes customized images and videos.

  5. Post engagement strategies

  6. Running paid campaigns regularly to generate leads and sales.

  7. Facebook Ads promotion, management and tracking.

  8. Regular report of activity and insights.

  9. Real time reporting

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