What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service offered by Google for businesses or organizations who wants to advertise or display their ads on Google and its advertising network. Google AdWords program let the businesses to set their advertisement budget and also they are charged only when their ads are clicked. Generally, these ads are mainly focused on keywords.

Anyone or businesses that uses Google AdWords can create ads using targeted keywords that will help them find appropriate and relevant audiences through Google search networks. Google AdWords will display your ads to users who search on Google using certain keywords that you chose for targeting.

You can find advertisement displayed on Google Search on top of the search results under the heading "SPONSORED" or on the right-hand side of search result page. You will only be charged when your AdWords Ad is clicked by the user, when the user clicks on your display ad on Google, they will be redirected to your website.


Broad Match

It is default match type that helps you in reaching wide audience network. In this type of match, your ad would appear when a user's search term includes any word from your keyword phrase.

Phrase Match

In this type of match, your ad will only appear when a user searches your key phrase in exact order that you have chosen, but it can include some additional words before or after your phrase.

Modified Broad Match

This type of match is similar to Broad Match, but it allows you to control audiences who can see your ad by locking individual words in key phrase.

Exact Match

In this match type, users can only see your ad when they search through exact keyword phrase that you have chosen.

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