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The term SEO has become even more popular since the revolution of digital marketing has evolved entire market.

SEO, in simpler terms, is when google recommend your business to your potential customer. Especially when they are in need of offering that you serve. 


How come you judge one as an expert in Search engine Optimisation? A certificate? Well, there are many people out there claiming to be certified.



So, what makes you differentiate if the one approaching is genuine in real terms?

Well, there are ways to cross check.!


Must have qualifications to be called “SEO Expert in India”

There’s a myth about the term SEO as it will only be about google and it’s ranking.


We would initially just go for few platforms which might be more relevant and effective for your business mentioned in series below.


· Google SEO

· Local SEO

· Article SEO

· YouTube SEO


Now, as we have categorized it, let's get deeper in each to know the importance as well as effectiveness for each.

Let's start with Google SEO: As the name suggests itself, it focuses deeply upon google ranking and keywords. What do you think how google rank one?


Everytime when you ask google for help, how does it give most accurate and related content all the time? For that, we need to understand the structure of google.


As we know that google is a big index column of a huge database in the form of webpages. So, when we ask google for help or query or information, it will find the same as well as related keyword and synonyms to suit the question keywords. 


Whichever webpages contain more of the keywords that user has asked for, will generally become the most related webpage to appear on top. which in result appearing in the 1st prime row.


For example, Let’s google for something relevant to their own industry so as to know where do they actually stand in the competition! 


Let’s google for “Digital Marketing Course in Surat”. Let's skip the first columns as it's about local ranking that we will discuss in the later part of this article. Let's scroll down and see the first website which is “ETC Academy”

So it seems that the strongest player for our choice of keyword is “ETC Academy”.


This also shows that the agency has also taken care of the keyword their prospective clients would likely to search for. It seems so simple, right? Just look for the keyword and mention it in the title and use the same keyword as many time as possible and wow.! You’re on top of the google. But no, google too have policies to follow.!


You should know more about “what not to do” than “what to do . As we have mentioned that the more time you use a particular keyword, your chances will improve to appear on the top of the search results. 


But google’s repo is about showing the most relevant content which must match the requirement of its user. They won't afford to give some spam record or loads of advertisement as a form of answer. So, if you think that too much use of keyword will let to grab the top position, you might be getting misled.


So, if you see one appearing on top of your search result, they might be doing genuinely good. It seems you're following all the guidelines and probably be giving a quality work. 


Now ask your digital marketing agent for the existing industries they have served in past. And check for whatever keyword you would like to search and see the position of their work.


You can also ask for the previous work they have done in the same industry you are in. which will give you confidence as do they even understand your industry? Get a demo of how do they work and what are the outcomes. 


SEO works in this manner we see. Now, as you’re clear enough about the SEO thing, keyword impact and ranking results. It will be even easier for you now to understand the different types of SEO. 


SEO (SEO Expert in India) will be focused on Google ranking of a website having most of the common pages having the same keyword which is intended by the user to look for.


Take an example, If I write a technical article full of jargons, well-designed, well-formatted and ethically logical with great examples and structure.


Local SEO (Local SEO Expert in India) will largely look for the location nearby to take prompt action like getting directions and call now button. Local SEO (Local SEO Expert in India) will generally say to be the most effective and prompt conversion rating.


For example, if I’m planning to book a restaurant for a dinner on urgent bases, I would better go for google to suggest me a good place. Hence, I will search for “The Rooftop Restaurant in Surat”.


The local listing we see on the right side of the screen is the effect of Local SEO. What we see here is The Lime Tree-Rooftop Restaurant. I can see here the pictures, the ambiance, the location and public, reviews and everything I need to know in between knowing and booking. If I’m convinced, it would be really easier for me to contact them and book a reservation even before my arrival at the location.


As you see, Local SEO (Local SEO Expert in India) will connect you with the one who’s actually looking for the service you provide and willing to be your prospective client.


For that, you can register to google for listing your business and keep it updated with even a minor changes your business has. Your active involvement with your registration and a positive testimonial as a part of review will definitely give you a lead.


Apart from that, you can also register for the third party listing sites. Giving more visibility and will eventually be generating backlinks for your business. Backlinks generated on a right platforms will make your listing even more powerful and effective. So misleading point here might be such that let's get registered to as many listing sites as possible. But things don't go that easily.


Let's taken an example of a restaurant only. If we search for listing sites for a restaurant, we will get a huge list which might not have even a good valuation. Registering for more of such sites are waste of time as SEO ( SEO Expert in India) concerns more about the quality and not the quantity. 


The backlinks of your business too need to have a value and so as the listing. In a restaurant, apart from registering too many sites, it would be even more beneficial to go for few but valuable sites. Some of them we can rest upon is TripAdvisor , Zomato  and Justdial. Your valuation will definitely differ.


Next come Article SEO (SEO Expert in India), where content is the key. How good you write alone doesn’t give you a lead. But if your write up contains logic, facts and tactics with structural design and formatting. That too filled with a proper proportion of keyword with right platform and strategy- that's all you need to be on the top. The same formula would be applicable to the article also in terms of quality and quantity.


I could publish it to every possible blogging forum and article publishing portals out there, I might not hit the top. But if I publish it to selected value added platforms or technical magazine. That could be news site such as Times of India  or, it might hit even without making much efforts. 


You could see in the above image, the first article to be listed is written on 


Finally, YouTube SEO ( SEO Expert in India) : How to hit up the video you desire is all about the youtube SEO? Well, again SEO ( SEO Expert in India )is more concerned with keywords put on!


Your video should reflect the exact thing you wish to express to one and all you’re targeting. The first thing that one would observe in your video is not other than a Title. Title should reflect overall content you wish to express in the later part of the video.


This will eventually engage the right type of the audience. Secondly, as we know, youtube gives a huge space to express your content. You should definitely give equal attention to the content as well. Your content is the key to make a position on the Youtube.


As you can see in the below image, the keyword used is "Banquet Hall in Surat"we could see there are 2 videos on the top posses same page, which will eventually grab the attention of the one looking for it.

So, as of now, when you’d enough knowledge about the SEO (SEO Expert in India)and eligible enough to differentiate between true SEO (SEO Expert in India) guidelines. You can easily judge if the one approaching you is knowledgeable enough to take up your project or not.! If he’s into genuine one or doing spam. You can make use of such theory to make a valid decision for your respective career.


Go Digital. 

Thank You.

Dhruvi Chauhan

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