How to Rank Videos High on YouTube and Google –YouTube SEO 2015 Guide

March 22, 2016

YouTube is Second Largest Search Engine across World and Huge Untapped traffic Source


YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.


The number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40% y/y since March 2014. (Source : 


Today we are going to learn how to rank your videos high on YouTube and Google – Complete Guide to YouTube SEO 2015 Guide.



ETC Academy TOP Ranking YouTube Videos


Before we start Learning ,I am showing you Example of video that I’ve ranked for competitive keyword


Example 1:-Video is Ranking Page#1 Position#1  for Keyword “ Diamond Jewellery Surat”.



Example 2 :- Video is Ranking Page#1 Position#5  for Keyword “ how to become rich in real life” - 



Now learn how you can Rank Videos High on YouTube and Google, let’s dive into the step-by-step system that I used to generate this top-5 ranking.


 Step #1: Find Video Keywords


Like Regular Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the YouTube SEO process starts with keyword research.


Your goal is to find “Video keywords “ Video Keywords :- Are Keywords that have YouTube results on the first page of Google.


These are called, “Video Keywords”.


Unlike a normal Search Engine Result Page with 10 webpage results, with Video Keywords, Google reserves a good chunk of the first page for video results.



In general, Google tends to use video results for these types of keywords:


How-to keywords (“how to make pizza”)


Tutorials (“learn Photoshop”)


Anything fitness or sports related (“Jumping”)


Funny videos (“Cute animals”)


Why is this important?


Well, let’s say you optimize your video around a keyword that doesn’t have any video results in Google.


In that case, you’ll ONLY get traffic from people searching on YouTube.


But if you optimize for Video Keywords, you’ll also get targeted traffic to your video directly from Google’s first page.


How to Find Video Keywords


The easiest way to find video keywords is to search for keywords in your Business Sector.


Then find if that keyword you searched have YouTube Result ,Like this:





Doubt Clear?


After find keywords , you have to check the search volumes for that keyword.


Suggestion:-we don’t need to go after keywords with massive search volumes.


Just check in Google Keyword Planner that keyword get at least 200 searched per month in google (use google keyword planner to find how many people searched for particular keyword)



Step #2: Make Your (Awesome) Business Video



You Can Learn How to Make Business Video in Our Tutorial “ Lesson 1:-How to Make YouTube WhatsApp Facebook Videos for Your Business “ Click to learn


Bonus Tip :- When you are making Video for Your Business think about problem customer facing in your sector of Business like In Diamond Jewellery Business Trust Factor is there,So you can make video on Education on “How to Buy a Diamond - Diamond Education Guide Series” .This will help to overcome Problem they are facing.


In Tiffin Service Sector People have Issue of Hygine , Home Food Requirement , so based on Issues customer we have made this video…check this out..


You can also learn how make animated in our next Tutorial


If your video quality is not good ,it won’t rank …no matter how optimized it is for SEO


Unlike Google — which can use backlinks and other signals to evaluate the quality of a piece of content - YouTube has no such luxury.


YouTube  judge your video’s quality based on how people interact with your business video.


These below are the factors which YouTube Consider to Rank Video at Top Position :-

  •     Video retention: The percentage of your video people tend to watch (the more, the better). 



Comments: If people comment, they probably enjoyed the video (or at least watched it)


Subscribes after watching: If someone subscribes to your channel after watching your video that sends a HUGE signal that you have an amazing video.



Shares: How many people share your video on social media sites like Twitter and Google+ 



Favorites: The number of people that favorite your video or add it to their “Watch Later” playlist.



Thumbs up/Thumbs down: Self explanatory :-)


If you want to see how your videos are performing, you can see user experience data in your YouTube Analytics:




 If you have made a well Planned Video you’re Much More likely to get high retention views, likes, comments and all the things that YouTube likes to see in a video.

  • Make Your Video At Least 2-Minutes Long

longer videos rank better, Like with text-based articles


You Will Observe longer videos outperforming shorter videos in YouTube and Google search.

Now it’s time to optimize your video and upload it to YouTube.


 Step #3: Upload Your Video With YouTube SEO in Mind


a) Video File Name


Use Title Keywords in Video File Name


For example, if you wanted to rank for the keyword “How to Become Rich in surat real life with no money india”, you’d want to name your video “How_to_become_rich_in_surat_with_no_money_in_real_life_india.mp4.



b) Video Title


The title of your video should at least 5-words long. That way, you can include your full keyword without keyword-stuffing.


For example, my Diamond Jewellery title is 5 words…only 2 of which are my target keyword:




c) Description


Description of your video is very Important


Because YouTube and Google can’t “listen” to videos, they rely on your text description to determine your video’s content.


These are basic guidelines for the description:


Add title of your Video at Top and Bottom of your Video


Include Keywords in fist 4 Lines of Description


Make Long Description


Put Link of your Video In Description


Here’s an example of a description for a video optimized around the keyword How to Make Business Video -Step by Step





d) Tags

Just Include keywords related  to video help Google and YouTube learn what your video is all about.


Targeted tags not only help you rank for your target keyword…


but get you to you show up more often as a related video in the sidebar area of YouTube


Important Bonus Tip : Include Your Competitor Channel Name in Tagging.




When someone’s watching video has similar tag as your video – boom!– you’re added to the sidebar.


Once you’re done, hit “Save Changes” and your video will go live!




   Step #4: Get Video Views


We have already talked about user experience signal so far…which are really important


But in order for your video to rank for competitive keywords, it needs to get A LOT of views.


More views=higher rankings.


But there’s one Important Fact…


…the views need to be Organic/Real.


Please don’t Use fake methods of Fake YouTube views like Addmefast , Fiverr and I have already discussed that Long Retention Views are very Important Factor for getting Top Position in YouTube and Google Search Results.


These are  some strategies you can use to get targeted views to your video:


1.Mention Your Video on Quora and Other Q&A Sites.


2. Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature.


3.Share Your Video on Social Media Sites Like Facebook ,Twitter.


4. Embed Your Videos in Blog Posts.


You Can Follow us on YouTube Also.


Comment Below if You Have any Question.



































































































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