Social Media Marketing is the most popular mode of marketing in today’s era. The most powerful marketing technique since the ancient time is still “The Word of Mouth publicity”. Social media is just a digital form of word of mouth publicity. A lead will likely to get generated when your social marketing campaign is done taking into consideration the audience and not company prospects. A right advertisement for the right audience at right time with right purpose is all it takes to get you maximum leads. Social media is an important tool for the same. Why? Because social media marketing gives you a chance to not only make leads but also make a relationship with your potential customer. Such relationships can be a great investment in a long run business. Social media marketing platforms give you much more than just a space for a marketing campaign. As we can see, social platforms are the platforms that have just become a part of the everyday life of one. In such scenario, it is necessary to track them there where they actually are. Appearing in front of the client where they are likely to visit.

The leading social media marketing platforms here we cover is going to be:



Facebook is just another name for a social platform. It may happen, one won’t understand the term “Social Media”, but it’s not possible to believe that one doesn’t know the “Facebook”. The most familiar social platform, not only open up the doors of relationship building for an individual but also for a professional. Social media marketing company in Surat, ETC Academy will give you a complete solution.

What we do is tracking first who your potential customer is, what their influencer and what are their interest area. Such criteria will give a brief about the know-how of a customer and their behavior. Upon such criteria, a strategy is to be formulated. 


Further, facebook also gives you a full-fledged analytics of the response generated via same. Where, even in Surat, which area you need to have clients to engage would also be there to track.



Twitter is famous for celeb chats. This social media platform is specifically for the industry. Here, we work as sharing our professional behavior and stuff.

Basically, it attracts the people actually interested in the sector you're working in, but can't guarantee if they come out to be your potential customer as such portal contains only niche segment who's keenly interested in the particular industry. Your too specific type of clients supposes to be there liking your profile. We can also state this as making it your branding campaign platform.



Instagram-the great fusion of instant photo and telegram. As the name suggests, the social media marketing platform contains the world of photographs. We can say that "what we show, can be sold". 90% of the time, if one finds the photo of the product impressive, they are likely to go ahead with the details. The first impression is no doubt made by a picture only.

So, the platform we see is just perfect to show up with what we have to offer. Furthermore, we can also go for the behavioral approach of the targeted audience and then plan for the rest. The public for Surat region is likely to get tracked via its target audience panel. 




Pinterest is well–known social media marketing platform for the pins generated via platform. Even from google, you can easily pin any picture directly to your pinterest board.  Same way, your image is likely to be on google search easily if you wish this to be appear in front of Surat audience only.

How? That’s what we do. In other terms, we also call it an image SEO. Your pinterest account is really helpful and if you focus on a particular strategy for long enough, following a particular pattern for a longer period and follows the terms suggested by google itself. You’re likely to rock the top position easily in your targeted Surat region.



The strategy here is, of course, done by the specialist, having the depth knowledge of platform to perform.



As the name suggests, this social media marketing platform is all about links. Making network online. Find the suitable people around. A social media marketing platform designed just for professionals. It's the best platform for an organization to show up its brand, ethics and workstyle. On contrary, for an individual -it matches best t show up their skills.

In the majority of the cases, it seems that an individual and corporate comes together, getting the best match for one another. An organization needs to have a skilled player and an individual seeking opportunity to give the best.


A public corporate profile keeps you connected with your co-workers and introduce you to the entrepreneur like you for a forthcoming big endeavor. Truly, a profile is mandatory for a corporate to introduce self.


So, up till now, we have seen some of the leading portals ruling social media. These are the most easy to use type of software. Then why you need to go for a specialist? The only answer to this is "STRATEGY". What differentiate you from that of the other is how you work, what terms you take into consideration, which level of depth you can achieve is all about Strategy. Without a strategy, 1000 of social media is unworthy if you keep making efforts without having a proper direction to lead.


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