Google is world's best search engine and after that YouTube is the second largest search engine with worldwide traffic of over 30 million visitors every day.  YouTube is basically a search engine for videos as it uses specific algorithm to display proper content to viewers.

The history of YouTube shows that since it came into existence in the year 2005 on 23rd April with only one video published by the website's co-founder, the website never backed down and was gaining popularity all over the globe. In 2006 when YouTube was gaining popularity and was among the fastest growing website on the internet, Google decided to take over it and finally in November 2006, Google purchased YouTube for record estimate worth 1.65 billion USD.

These statistics clearly indicates that Google valued YouTube that high predicting that the future of YouTube was certainly going to dominate the internet.  Nowadays, video marketing has become a necessary strategy for digital marketing as people are more interested in watching a video compared to text transcripts and YouTube among the most viewed video watching website. In a research conducted by CISCO, they predicted that by end of the year 2020, 80% of web traffic will be diverted through videos.

Many people still think that YouTube is more towards social networking rather than a search engine. In fact, YouTube is combination of both; it does contain search engine functionality. If you can utilize proper tools, you can get more views and reach potential audiences, and if you are able to execute it in proper way, your videos can even rank in Google search results.

How can ETC help you in YouTube SEO and Video Marketing Services?

A video that is not optimized properly has no value in search engine, especially in Google. Google will not be able to tell about what your video is actually for without specific information. For Google, it doesn't matter how beautifully you have created your video with amazing sound quality, perfect pictures or high-definition camera, without proper optimization and execution, the viewers will never find out your innovative creation.

If you hire ETC for Expert YouTube SEO and Video Marketing Services, we can make sure that all your videos are uploaded with sufficient data and information so your targeted audiences can find your videos easily and build genuine and loyal subscribers for your website or channel.


Some of our YouTube SEO projects are as follows:

Dude Seriously YouTube Channel:

Dude Seriously produced and published a video in their channel with targeted Gujarati audiences, but even after months of publishing their video, they were not able to find potential subscribers and followers.

After trying their best they visited ETC for YouTube SEO services for their YouTube channel. Since that day, their videos has gone viral and is constantly gaining potential subscribers and followers not only from Gujarat, but Gujarati community living outside Gujarat and also people residing in countries like United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Their videos are among most watched and shared videos across social platforms.

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