We already know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google with huge traffic of more than 30 million visitors every day.

Before we start, here is an example of video that ETC has ranked for competitive keyword "rooftop rastaurant in surat"

Now, you can see the result of our progressive work for YouTube SEO. This is what we will be talking about. We will share some step-by-step strategies that we used to generate top ranking in YouTube SEO.

Step 1: Finding Proper Video Keywords

Just like our regular activity for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, YouTube SEO also starts with detailed keyword research.

Our first goal is to find appropriate keywords that have YouTube results on top page of Google. These keywords are called as "Video Keywords"

In our normal Search Engine Result Page (SERP), 10 webpage results are displayed on Google search. But Google reserves a good spot of the first page for video results with video keywords.

Basically, Google displays video results mainly for keywords like:

  1. How to keywords

  2. Reviews ("Bluehost Review")

  3. Tutorials ("Wordpress Tutorial")

  4. Anything related to fitness and sports ("Yoga for Thyroid")

  5. Funny videos ("Refreshing Nature")

Why video keyword is important?

Well, let’s assume that you are optimizing your video for a keyword that does not have any video result in Google. So, in this case, you would only generate traffic from people searching only on YouTube. But if you optimize your video with video keywords, you can easily generate traffic to your video directly from Google.

How to find video keywords?

It is advisable to search for video keywords which are in your niche. Then search for these keywords in Google and check whether any of these keywords have YouTube video results on Google, as screenshot:

This is quite easy and simple, isn't it? Well, once you have found your video keywords, it’s time to check the search volume for that keyword. It is recommended to make sure that your targeted keyword or keywords have at least 300 searches per month in Google. You can find these search results using Google Keyword Planner.

Remember, video does not take lot of time to get noticed, so you don’t need to find keywords with big search volumes.

Why to find keywords with 300 searches per month?

If search volume of a keyword is at least 300 searches per month, then it’s obvious that it would also get decent searches within YouTube itself. And if you succeed in optimizing your video to rank in Google, then there’s a lot of probability that a big amount of those 300 searches would click on your Video Results and generate huge traffic.

STEP 2: Making your video

As in a normal business, the more products you have more profit you have. Similarly, the more information you put into your video, more you will get out of it.

As we know that Google uses backlinks and other tools to evaluate the quality of the content, YouTube does not have any such type of evaluation. It's simply based on your video's quality and how people interact and engage with your video.

How YouTube Determines The Quality Of Your Video

  1. Video Retention: The percentage of your video views by users, the more they watch, better retention.

  2. Comments: If you receive comments on your video, that means they definitely liked your video or at least they watched the video.

  3. Subscribers: If a user subscribe to your YouTube channel after watching your video, it is a huge signal that your channel features interesting video.

  4. Shares: The total number of shares your video receives on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google.

  5. Favorites: The total number of users who favorite your video or added it to their "Watch Later" playlist.

  6. Likes/Dislikes: The more Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down received on your video. Please note: There is no negative calculations for dislikes/thumbs down.

You can calculate the performance of your video and user experience data through YouTube Analytics.

If you create video according to your niche, you will much more eligible to get high retention views, likes, comments and shares. And it's the best thing that YouTube likes to see in a video.

Create video at least 5 minutes long

Just like text-based articles, videos with longer duration ranks better. In a study, longer videos perform better than shorter videos in YouTube as well as on Google search.

For example, search for any video keyword, you will find that out of 4 displayed results, 3 videos will be of longer duration. So, go for at least 5 minutes video. If you want, you can opt to go for even longer videos if it can make some sense and have niche about your business. No matter how long your video is, if it does make sense, users would definitely watch it.

STEP 3: Keep YouTube SEO in mind while uploading your video on YouTube

You can grab more value of SEO for your video by following these:

Video Filename: When you have completely created your video, make sure to use your targeted keywords for your video's filename. For example, if you want to rank your video for the keyword "SEO Surat - Search Engine Optimization, Surat, Gujarat, India", then name your video file to "SEO Surat - Search Engine Optimization, Surat, Gujarat, India.mp4"

Video Title: The title of your video should be at least 5 words long, this way you can utilize long-tail keyword without keyword stuffing. For example, "Seo in Surat"

Video Description

Video description plays a very important factor in YouTube SEO. Both Google and YouTube cannot listen to your videos, no matter how good graphics and music you have for your videos, for Google or YouTube they are of no use. Both Google and YouTube rely on your content, mainly text-driven description that describes your video.

Some of the basic guidelines for adding description on YouTube are as follows:

  • Put your link at top spot of your video, this will increase CTR to your website.

  • Include all your targeted keywords on first 25 words of the description.

  • Make your description at least 250 words long.

  • Include your keywords at least 3 to 4 times.

This optimization of SEO in the description will help both Google and YouTube what your video is about without getting spammed. Take a look at below example of description for a video optimized for keywords like "Seo in Surat".

Tags: Tags are not of much use, but they can help. You can add some keywords that can help Google and YouTube to know what your video is about.

Tags can help you to rank higher on your targeted keywords, but it will also help to show your video more often as a related video in the sidebar area of YouTube. If someone's video has similar tags as your video, there is a probability that your video will be shown on the sidebar more often.

Step 4: Get Video Views

As we know, user experience signals are very important, but in order to get your video ranked higher on competitive keywords, it should get a lot of views. The more views a video gets, the higher its rank goes. But only video views are not enough, your video should also have a good retention rate for video views.

You can mention your video on Quora and other question and answers websites to get long-retention and targeted views for your video. But make sure, not to spam by posting your links all over the place as you can be banned from the website in a flash. Its only because you are sharing your link on a platform where users are desperately looking for appropriate information on given topic, thus, the views you receive from these websites would be of extremely high retention.

If you are good in writing or already writing blogs on your website or other guest posting website, try to embed your videos in blog posts. You can get some good views for your video through blogging also.

Why you should hire ETC- Video and YouTube SEO Company in India?

Keyword research and analysis is a very complicated process that includes identification of result-oriented keywords that can get you maximum revenue. Apart from keyword research, video SEO also includes distribution of video across various social networks to reach targeted audiences. ETC being a professional Video and YouTube SEO agency will help you in identifying the most appropriate keywords and distribution around various platforms that would generate high retention rate for your video.

ETC is associated and certified as Google Partner. We promise and assure you for getting the best results.

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